Below you can find some common use cases, as well as a complete list of all available endpoints and associated parameters.


Best guess

This usage is intended for cases where you're not sure which exchange the coin symbol is coming from. It is designed to look through our entire database of known non-standard symbols and try to pick out a standardized symbol. Please note this is not the recommended use of the API, is it may result in unexpected behaviour, e.g. BET should be substituted to DAO.Casino if the coin is coming from the HitBTC exchange, but should be left as-is if it's on the CoinExchange exchange (as it denotes an entirely valid coin - BetaCoin.


Exchange-specific matching

This is the more robust of the two use-cases, as it narrows down the matching of the non-standard symbols to a specific exchange. In order to use this endpoint, firstly you need to obtain a list of all supported exchanges:


Then you need to use an exchange ID into the main standardizer endpoint:


However, you need to be aware that if you specify an exchange and no match is found, you'll receive a no-match response:



Make sure to use lowercase values for the 'exchange' parameter, as exchange IDs are all lowercased.

Available endpoints

GET /api/v1/coin/{symbol}

Get a standardized representation of a non-standard coin symbol

Request parameters:
Parameter Type Required? Description
symbol string yes The non-standard coin symbol, e.g. 'BTC' or 'DRK'.
exchange string yes A GET parameter used to filter down the matching space to a specific exchange.
Response fields:
Field Type Description
symbol string The non-standard coin symbol that was initially requested, e.g. 'BTC' or 'DRK'.
match boolean Signifies whether we've found a matching non-standard symbol. If false, this means this is a widely used coin symbol that doesn't need to be standardized, or that we don't have information about it.
normalized_symbol string The standardized/normalized coin symbol. If the 'match' parameter is equal to 'false', this field is equal to the 'symbol' field. string User-friendly name of the coin
symbol_info.price_usd string Current price of the coin in US Dolars
symbol_info.price_btc string Current price of the coin in Bitcoin
symbol_info.24h_volume_usd string Amount traded on all exchanges in US Dolars
symbol_info.market_cap_usd string Market cap of the coin in US Dolars
symbol_info.available_supply string A best guess at the amount of coin currently cirtulating in the market
symbol_info.total_supply string The total amount of coins in existence at this moment
symbol_info.max_supply string The maximum amount of "coin" that can exist
symbol_info.percent_change_1h string Percentage change of the price in the last hour
symbol_info.percent_change_24h string Percentage change of the price in the last 24 hours
symbol_info.percent_change_7d string Percentage change of the price in the last week
symbol_info.last_updated string UNIX timestamp (seconds) of the latest updates to the coin data

GET /api/v1/exchanges

Get a list of all available exchanges

Request parameters:
access_token string yes Your API access token/key
Response fields:
Field Type Description string The unique slug used to reference the exchange throughout the API. string A user-friendly string representing the exchange name.