Standardize crypto symbols across exchanges

Crypto exchanges have an awful tendency to use non-standardized symbols, such as "DRK" for "DASH". We get you rid of headaches and provide a hassle-free way to standardize those symbols and ensure your system's stability.

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API providing you with the ability to "outsource" the menial task of standardizing crypto coin symbols across a number of different centralized exchanges.

We keep an ever-changing database of crypto symbol aliases, neatly organized and ID'd for maximum stability of the client system. As a bonus, we enrich the responses with additional coin data from around the web.

API features

Clean and elegant endpoints with minimum friction

Simple, yet powerful endpoints and response structures provide you with limitless use cases!


110+ Exchanges

Standardize coin symbols across more than 100 exchanges

Additional Coin Data

Get enriched coin data, such as market cap and daily volume

Free While In Beta

Yes, like $0!

Pricing Plan

Completely free while we're in beta!


  • Up to 50 calls/min
  • Unlimited monthly calls
  • Free while in beta
$ 0 /Month


  • Up to 250,000 calls/month
  • Limited support
  • Limited additional data
$ 14.99 /Month


  • Up to 1,000,000 calls/month
  • Unlimited support
  • Full additional data package
$ 49.99 /Month

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CryptoStanardizer free forever (and ever, ever)?

The API is FREE as long as we're in beta. We're currently testing different features and are closely listening to our users so we'd really appreciate your feedback in exchange! We plan to always have a free tier, although it will be capped to a 100 monthly calls once we get out of beta. If CryptoStandardizer has proven to be a valuable component to your product or service, we'll be offering a Starter and a Heavy-Duty monthly plans.

How do you ensure API stability with coin symbol aliases constantly changing?

We're dedicated to providing a stable, yet evolving service. Therefore, every change in the set of symbol aliases will result in an increment in the minor version of the api, e.g. v1.1 would become v1.2 in the URL of the endpoints. All previous versions are supported indefinitely.

Why are you asking for my email?

No spam, no marketing, we promise! We may reach out so you can share your experience with the service and possibly tell us how we can be of more help to your business.

When will the service be officially launching?

We don't have a date at this point, we're constantly refining our offering and want to have the best possible service and value for your business before we launch. That being said, we expect this will happen some time at the beginning of 2019.